Welcome to Concept3, LLC

Welcome to Concept3 LLC

    Leigh is a Licensed Professional Counselor (AK #414). She completed her master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from the University of St. Mary’s, Minneapolis, Minnesota in December 1995. She received training and practiced as a lay counselor 9 years prior to that time under several pastors, chaplains, a number of community-based programs (women’s transitional training, abuse shelter, cultural diversity, etc.). She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degrees (University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas) in Speech Pathology and Audiology and Elementary Education and certification to teach kindergarten through 8th grade.

Leigh provides topical seminars and therapy for children, adolescents, young adults and adults in individual, group; couples and family therapy settings, specializing in:

  1. BulletTrauma

  2. BulletRelationship Issues

  3. BulletParenting and Discipline/Academic Issues

  4. BulletDepression and Anxiety

  5. BulletMood Disorders

  6. BulletDependent & OCD Personality Disorders

  7. BulletAnger Management

  8. BulletGrief and Loss Issues

  9. BulletStress/Time Management

  10. BulletSpiritual Issues

  11. BulletCareer Planning/Support

  12. BulletPet-Partners Certified

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Competent, Solution-oriented Counseling/Speaking

Individual, Couple, Family & Group Counseling for Adults, Adolescents & Pre-teens